Unless you are a hermit, you'll need social skills.

But what happens when someone visits you?

“When was the last time you remembered someone’s good social skills? We don’t. We only remember bad social skills."

Timothy P. Kowalski

Schools and Institutions

Frustrated? We can help your school meet the unique needs of this population.

Therapy for Adult Issues

We can help adults and/or couples having employment and social difficulties.

Therapy for School Age

We can help increase social-pragmatic communication skills in children so they can make and keep friends.

Therapy for College Age

We can help increase academic and social success for college students.

Information on I.D.E.A.

We can help you understand the intent behind the Individual’s with Disabilities Education Act – the driving force for Special Education in the schools.

Evidence Based Learning

Our techniques used in treatment meet Evidence Based Learning standards.

Professional Communication Services, Inc.

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