iStock_000001514315Small_3Social Skills Development

Most people do not think about social skills until something goes wrong. Few of us actually need instruction in this area. However, for those individuals with Asperger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism, inappropriate social skills impact their interpersonal relations. Structured lessons on developing the fine art of social skills are a necessity.

Know the Rules Before You Get In The Game

Recognizing and expressing emotions, using appropriate conversation and communication skills all directly impact interpersonal relationships. The Social Skills Development Program is designed to target these areas in a meaningful manner.

What are the goals?

The Social Skills Development Program addresses four areas of social deficiency. These are...

Feelings and Emotions focuses on recognizing emotional states in both yourself and in others, expressing your emotional state, and using self-control.

Interpersonal Relationships concentrates on how to join in a group, being left out, the difference between requests and demands how to disagree, apologizing, fitting in, and caring/sharing.

Communication Skills addresses initiating, maintaining, and ending a conversation; the different responsibilities between speakers and listeners, and what to do when things go wrong..